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09:12am 19/03/2007
  <Turkeyslam> oh man I saw pure gold at lunch, I was sitting near this group of black guys at a table and they all had tucked in shirts and shit, looked educated, I think they were studying calculus or some shit
<Turkeyslam> and across from there, there was another table with a bunch of white guys, all ghetto looking, three of them wore fucking grills, sagging pants, and one was playing some 50 cent ringtone or some shit
<Turkeyslam> going "yeah boiiii"
<Turkeyslam> and one of the black guys in the table next to me muttered "fucking niggers"
<Turkeyslam> I choked on my fucking jolt cola
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01:59pm 19/03/2007
  My 15-20 page paper is due on Monday. o_o

I guess that works out perfectly that Bess will be gone on Spring Trip this weekend, so I'll have Friday to do my paper. It's good when things work out.