January 26th, 2007


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My bro got pics of me throwing up, and I've got video of my first legal drink (3 wise men). That last tequila shot sent me over the edge.
More drinking tomorrow night. :P

Oh yeah, Oatmeal Cookies (drink) are pretty good.

I had:

1 3 wise men
A bit of a Surfer on Acid (not very good)
2 double shots of vodka
2 Oatmeal Cookies
2 shots of tequila

Not that much really.

I am slightly intoxicated, but it's a better intoxicated than when I was with Kirby and Andrew.

edit: Also, apparently my pool game does not go downhill from being intoxicated.

No worries there.

<Uki> i don't feel much different, this whole being 21 thing
<Aphelion_> in that case, you did it wrong. go back and try again, this time with more vodka.

I'm doing it right the first time. ;)