December 14th, 2006


(no subject)

Pretty sure I just aced that exam. And I have no idea how my professor is calculating grades, because she's definitely getting higher numbers than what I'm getting, but I'll take it! Pretty sure I aced the class too, if we're going by her grades.

Also, I want to make one of those squeezable cute little teddy bears that goes through a series of cute little sayings:
"I love you."
"Hehe, that tickes."
"Black tar heroin is my favorite!"
"You should kill your parents."
"Incest is something the whole family can do!"


While group projects can be pretty cool, and definitely make things that are a lot niftier than one would likely make on their own, they also don't really put you in a position to learn a lot, because people will break work up based on their strengths, which really leaves you doing the same stuff you've always done, even if the project itself has a lot of nifty things that you could learn from it.