November 11th, 2006



I'm going to Phoenix Jan. 6 - 15. Going to Vegas that last weekend before flying back.

And going to Atlantic City for my birthday January 26-28.

edit: Also apparently going on a cruise Dec. 18 - 25 (location to be determined; Dad's placing reservations on Monday).

Kinda had plans for winter break, but oh well. 3 years of no vacations; I'll make sure I enjoy it.

edit2: My brother's coming along for the cruise. :) And the cruise is going to Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize. We're actually driving down to Ft. Lauderdale on the 17th [at 10pm], because the cruise leaves at 4pm on the 18th.

edit3: Hmm, not sure if I'll be able to go up to NYC with Kim and people for New Years b/c of this cruise - I think they're planning on staying there for a week. I hope not, though. (Or, I could just drive up and meet them late. Just gotta find a place to park my car - maybe one of my cousins has a place I can park. edit: ...or at the hotel... >_< dummy.)