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Good morning. :)   
09:12am 11/10/2006
  <Blauw>If i die and i get reincarnated, i wish i was my girlfriends pussy
<Blauw>Then i would be able to see all my friends again

Madrigal: I have DSL
Madrigal: Which backwards is "LSD"
Madrigal: But for my sake, and the sake of being backwards, I'd rather get Dial

Off to take a quiz. Going early because I need to study. :)

Then stopping by the bank, going out to lunch with Mom, and working.
New York just doesn't have good luck with buildings and planes.   
05:16pm 11/10/2006

edit: In other news, Moscow police detain Georgian activists, DUMBASS AMERICANS WONDER WHY RUSSIAN TROOPS ARE IN ATLANTA!