October 1st, 2006


Your daily dose of bash:

ChaosPid: She was already mad at me and she yelled "I'm gonna kill you"
ChaosPid: and I responded....
ChaosPid: "This is wierd, I swear to god I just heard you offer to make me a cake, but the words didnt match up with your lips at all........but chocolate, I suppose."
Curt: What'd she do?
ChaosPid: She looked like she was gonna die... left the room and then came back a few minutes later.... in a rage.
Curt: LOL.
ChaosPid: I then told her she shouldnt have left, if she wanted to go to the store to buy ingredients, she knew she would need a man to drive her to the store, and then I called her silly.

<BigNTall> Ohhhh Kay... I'm on some clothing seller forums, and a common theme is how to get a stain out of an otherwise perfect garment. Someone posted a "Guide to removing stains from children's clothing". Possible stains include liquor, wine, and semen

Daily dose of bash.

Chronz > my girlfriend dumped me for playing too much eve
Chronz > she said she couldn't take it anymore
Chronz > she took the shotgun to the moniter
Chronz > and i pointed it at my forehead
Chronz > i said me first
Chronz > she dropped the gun
darrenX > thats unforgivenable
Chronz > and walked out

<@Never> I had this insane professor who constantly alluded to being an alcoholic and to hating his wife
<@Never> somehow this meshed with economic theory perfectly.
<@Never> Once he went to the board and drew a simple X-Y graph, on one axis he wrote "GIN CONSUMED" and on the other he wrote "LIFE EXPECTANCY"

<Telius> Nobody escapes the Spanish Inquisition!
<codepoet> \S\p\a\n\i\s\h\ \I\q\u\i\s\i\t\i\o\n

<Swiich> greatest thing ever in 20th century history today in school
<Swiich> teacher was going on about the million man march
<Swiich> this kid raises his hand and says "don't you mean the 600 000 man march?"
<Swiich> teacher says "no, why?"
<Swiich> "well, 600 000 is 3/5ths of a million"

<addeman> after some bad experiences with fat chicks I no longer ask their asl
<addeman> instead I ask for their BMI