July 1st, 2006


Happy July!


edit: And holy shit, today (yesterday), I got 414 unique visits according to eXTReMe tracker! That's compared to my previous high of 262.


65% stupid

[x] I get confused a lot
[x] I've tripped on air before
[x] I've tripped up the stairs before
[x] have you ever ran into a door before
[x]I have pushed a door that said pull


[x] I laugh randomly and its hard to stop
[ ] My friends always tell me I should be blonde or i am blonde
[ ] My friends always tell me I am slow
[x] I say so many random things its scary
[x] You hurt yourself at least once a day


[x] Half the time you dont get your friends jokes
[ ] 1/4 of the time you dont get your jokes
[x] You have called somebody slow
[x] You were looking for somthing and did not see it, but 10-15 minutes later after someone points it out, you relize it was right infront of your face
[x] You forget how to say a word a lot


[ ] You randomly sing kiddy songs like "if your happy and you know it" or "twinkle twinkle little star"
[ ] Your friends say you can get high off just about anything because your so crazy. (pop, sugar, ketchup,mostly life.. not the food either.. etc)
[ ] You have sat in gum before
[x] You have been called a blonde before
[ ] You are blonde naturally



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Heh, apparently, Verizon's still out after our front yards and driveways, so the two neighborhoods are collectively hiring a lawyer.