June 27th, 2006


Exciting stuff!

So, likeomgwow.com is on the first page of Google for searches involving "3d logic spoiler" or "3d logic solutions" or whatnot. That's excellent.

We're also #1 result for "omg wow" on google.co.uk (someone searched for that and came to our site).

So what does this mean? Well, not a whole lot, really. But that DOES mean that I'm getting a little bit of search engine traffic. :D Which is excellent. And that stuff builds! The more people that click that link, the more likely my page is to show up high for those searches.

(no subject)

Godchicken: One of my co-worker's roommates is a total myspace whore. She's gone through 5 boyfriends in 4 months plus other random dates... and all off Myspace.
Godchicken: I want a piece of it before she's all worn out
Method: Put a quarter on her head and call next, like in the arcade

schraitle: have you ever noticed how geeks and the rest of the world are going backwards from each other?
schraitle: i mean, the geeks started on email and chatrooms, while the rest of the world were using phones
schraitle: and now, everyone's using text messaging and stuff on their cell phones, while the geeks have VoIP and skype
schraitle: somebody's going the wrong way

Magus5311: I got a C- in Spanish 1.
Magus5311: Then I got a summer job doing construction
Magus5311: Next year I had an A+

firedevilsfriend: dude! skype for pocket pc
firedevilsfriend: that means I can use my cell phone as... a phone!

(no subject)

K: I value my life more than I value anyone else's life.
M: What about my life? I have a vagina.
K: Yes, but if I die, I can't make use of it, whereas if you die, I can!

Best logic EVAR. :D