June 6th, 2006


Your daily dose of funny.

badboy> hi any chicks from berwick
SaintBloodyMary> I'm from berwick. Let's meet up at your place and have wild kinky
SaintBloodyMary> Should I bring my own handcuffs and lube or are you all set?
badboy> awesome u wanna come over now
SaintBloodyMary> Sure... because I often fuck strangers from online, it's my hobby.
badboy> bring it u want
badboy> awesome u sound real kewl :()
Supreme_101> SaintBloodyMary willing to travel ?
SaintBloodyMary> Supreme_101: It depends, I'm willing to travel 100km's per inch that your penis is over the average length.
Supreme_101> hmmm... looks like im coming to you then :P

Just heard in the office:
Rodney: We need to get a big shredder, like the shredder for trees and limbs

I hate you, IE.

Dear Internet Explorer,

Why won't you show transparent .pngs properly? Please die.



edit: Also,

Dear GIMP,

I am in love with you. Please have my children.