April 25th, 2006


Upsetness with Computer Science and VCU.

I'm looking at taking a major-restricted INFO course in .NET development in the Fall if the professor will give me an override. This will replace CMSC403 (Programming Languages) if I'm allowed in.

In theory, even with pushing 403, a prereq for most of the higher-level CMSC classes, back a semester, I should be able to get out with a bachelor's in 4 years with no sweat. However, because of the lack of professors (caused by the lack of students) in the SoE, the 500-level courses (of which I need to take 5) are offered on cycles of up to once every two years. Not only that, but they fill up and gain waiting lists almost immediately upon opening.

Thus, there doesn't seem to be any conceivable way to get out of here with a degree in a reasonable amount of time - and not because of anything on my part. It is solely because of the lack of resource availability at VCU.

Needless to say, I am displeased.

edit 10:35: After talking to (Alex's) Rick, he brings up a good point: If I'm going to be there anyway, I may as well make the most of it. I can take my prereqs for an MBA and then, once I've got my bachelor's, do VCU's fast track MBA program and have an MBA to back me up once I enter the working world. Or, if I can work it right, I might be able to start on the program while I'm still working on my bachelor's - hopefully. Either way, seems worth it.

-sigh- Still upset, though.

moredit: The Fast Track programs require a minimum of 6 years to get into. :/ So much for that idea. I mean, I could still take the prereqs for a regular MBA program and do that, but blah. I think I'll just take a bunch of INFO classes to fill up the time and learn more stuff. :)
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