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Okay, so   
08:44am 17/04/2006
  Being the lazy ass that I am, and having done this too many times to count, I've created a script that makes posting bash quotes easier. :P It'll change < to &lt; and > to &gt;, thus letting you post them into AIM or LJ without losing the names, and without having to do it either manually or by going to notepad and doing "replace all" every time. :)

Check it out for all your bash-quote-poting needs!: http://www.likeomgwow.com/change.php

(And special thanks to Alex for the help.)

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02:38pm 17/04/2006
  Macs: so i went to ATI's website cuz i need a new mobo and memory and xmas is around the corner, and they just put out they X1800 card, the slogan of which is "A new realm of visual velocity" and I click on it and they have this little flash intro which opens with "D/T=V: Increase your velocity"
Philliam: NO
Philliam: NO
Philliam: NO PHYSICS
Philliam: NONE
Philliam: NONE AT ALL
Macs: so i decided to buy Nvidia

Oh man, I can't wait till Friday.

x_x God it's being a long day.
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04:37pm 17/04/2006
  // While discussing possible topics for the 2nd Sem Research project.
Richardson: "It has to be non-American. If you want to do World War II, just take a non-American angle, like what the French were doing... besides surrendering."

I gotta say, much as I love Godwin, I'd rather have gone to TJ. TJ is like (Godwin*100)^2.
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