April 16th, 2006


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Yeah Sparks, the weighing thingie was definitely off by like 8 pounds, because I'm definitely around 152. (Just weighed myself.) So, that puts me right there at the bottom of small frame, I think, or maybe just below. :P

Anyway, Thank You for Smoking was an absolutely AMAZING movie. I had to change my pants when I got home, but it was difficult to do because they were stuck to me pretty solidly.

I suggest you all go see it. I plan on getting the DVD when it comes out.

Slater, I think you'd love this movie.

I miss high school all of a sudden.


// Now an 8-year-old quote, but classic nevertheless...
Mr. McFaden: *walking through a chattering class, very quietly* Sex.
Class: *keeps talking, does not notice*
Mr. McFaden: *still very quietly* Extra credit.
Class: *perks up* Did you say extra credit? What?
Mr. McFaden: From a biological standpoint, that's just WRONG.

// Jaskot throws a hat to someone, and it doesn't quite make it to the person.
Romais: Dang. Too short; not hard enough.
Jaskot: That's what your mom told me last nigh... Shit.

Mrs. Bello: Conversation is an essential skill. Does anyone disagree?
Student: *timidly raises hand*
Mrs. Bello: Do you want to elaborate?
Student: No.

// During TA discussion on compassion
Mr. Torrence: So, does anybody know what the Golden Rule is?
Jess: Isn't that like 1.618...?

// Mr. Kummer's sample student budget (originally in pie chart form):
gas - 35%

fast food - 30%
girlfriend - 15%
strip clubs - 20%

Mr. Kummer: Wow, that looks a lot like my own budget. Don't tell my wife... or my girlfriend.

// History, simulating Napoleon's trial on whether he was good or bad; Russia is the witness
Prosecution: Okay, Russia. *holds up a map* This is a map of your territory. Now when Napoleon invaded, where did he touch you?


What makes an emo pie so good?

It cuts itself!

edit: Have you ever wondered if you've driven any of your teachers to drink?

// Economics class
Mr. Zack: Utility is something you can't put a number on. For example, I like cheerios more than corn flakes. You can't attatch a value to it.
John Sherwood: 3.
Mr. Zack: *long stare* This is why I drink.