March 26th, 2006


(no subject)

S: "How did you know that?"
K: "Because I'm cool like that."
S: "You just think you're cool."
K: "Yeah, but luckily, that opinion is backed up by delusion and dimentia."

Exam schedule.

Last day of classes: May 2 (Tues)
CMSC 311: May 4 (Thurs) 1-350
PSYC 101: May 9 (Tues) 1-350
PHYS 208: May 11 (Thurs) 4-650

I don't think I have a CMSC 355 exam, so there ya go. But sucks that I have to worry about stuff for so long - and also sucks that I have to wait so long for my hardest exam. >(