December 14th, 2005


(no subject)

So that exam (linear algebra) was pretty easy. I'm glad I studied - I knew most of it. There were 16 problems and an extra credit - I knew all but 2 of the problems, either because I knew it going into this week or I studied it with Travis, and one of those two I remembered by sitting around and thinking about it. The other I at least put something down, though I don't think it's right.

The extra credit I think I got 2/5 of the 3 points.. so hopefully I'll get a point extra. :) Overall, I think I got an A on the exam - through it doesn't really matter, because all I needed was a C. I went into the exam with around .. actually, hold on, lemme calculate it off the grades on blackboard. I went into the exam with a 71% quiz average (I got a 10/10 on the last quiz! Woohoo! :D I worked on that one!), worth 21% of my grade, and a 76.67% test average (whoa, that last 82 brought me up a bit!), worth 54% of my grade. That makes 56.33% of my grade. The final is worth 25% of my grade, so the highest I can get in the class is an 81.33%. ...Which means I could actually pull a B!! Though I'd need a ...92.667 to get it.... Which means I might actually pull a B in the class!

..That's absolutely amazing. If I pull a B in the class, I will be so. amazingly. ecstatic! :D! I didn't think it was possible. [I was walking back and calculated my possibilities using a 70% average going in (52.5% of total possible), in which case the most I could make in the class was a 77.5, assuming 100% on the final.] WOOHOO!! I hope I did really well! :D Wish me luck! (Too late now, I know - already turned it in. :P Now just to see what I get.)

But either way, I think I at least easily pulled my C, which is good.. though now that I know I could get a B, I'll be upset if I don't. :(

edit: Travis just told me that the extra credit is all or nothing. [I had to run to my car to get my calculator, cuz I forgot it, so I missed all the explanation of the exam.] But I wasn't considering that in how I felt I did about the exam - there's only one question that I feel I might get no credit on, and I'm confident on all the others.

Everyone hope for a B for me. ;) That would make my semester.

edit2: I forgot to do the kernal for the one that I remembered after I sat and thought about it. Darnit, I knew I had to do it when I read it the first time, but I had to go back to that problem, and I forgot about it by that point! Ack!

But I don't think I missed all credit on the other one; my answer wasn't as clear as Travis's proof, but I still think I did pretty well on it. I think I still have a chance. Very slim chance - and every time I've thought I did well, I did significantly worse - but I think I did pretty darn well this time; I'm almost positive I at least got an A on the exam, if not a B in the course.