December 9th, 2005


Good morning. :)

<punch> welp time to open a vintage 2003 botle of merlot
<punch> ah, thursday, a very good year
<punch> lemme just get this cap unscrewed and I can get to guzzlin'
<h4m911> heh, cap
<punch> don't all good wines have handles on the bottle?
<punch> the best ones come in a space-age foil pouch inside a durable cardboard box
<punch> in 50 years, wealthy people around the world will boast of their fine collections of boxed chardonnay

Alex should be here tonight. :) I'm working an extra couple hours.

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Jack: "Kevin, did you ever find a cart?"
Kevin: "No, but I did it by hand."
Jack: "Sorry. But someone took ours and never brought it back. So if you find out who it is, kill 'em."

I had a good day at work.


Stayed after 2 3/4 hours to work the reception (paid for 2 1/2). Spent the first half hour setting up and the next 50 min opening the door and greeting people. Then I was allowed to go down and eat and such, so I ate and mingled and had fun and went off with some friends and then came back around 7:30 to do 15 min of work and go home. :) Good food, good company, paid for not doing anything. :P Much good.


Kevin: "Check it out: the beginnings of my bottle collection."
Alex: "Hey nice! Did you actually try any of these?"
Kevin: "No."
Alex: "I was going to say, you've got good taste, but.."