November 25th, 2005



Starlight Piper: So yea, thanks for not blowing up our base. Appreciate it.
JimBob4554: You're welcome.
JimBob4554: It's a good thing you asked me earlier, too, cuz we were gonna stay and do it.
Starlight Piper: I think I might just send that to my LC. The whole "It's a good thing you asked me not to blow up your base" comment.
JimBob4554: Err no.
JimBob4554: Since outside comms are cheating and all. ;-)
Starlight Piper: Damn. Then my heroic act (of, you know, asking the enemy fleet to stop killing us) will go unknown...

[edited to remove the parts of the convo that make it longer :P]

I should make a "TVS" memory tag..