November 20th, 2005


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[01:26] <Zypher[B]> btw asl
[01:26] <Zypher[B]> lol
[01:28] <dixi[away]> hahaha
[01:29] <dixi[away]> I used to never answer this question when I played before - let people wonder. I'm 19, male, and in Virginia, USA.
[01:30] <dixi[away]> Wouldn't tell by the name, I know. ;) It's a Latin phrase (past tense of "to say") that translates to, "I have spoken." Kind of like, "I've spoken, and that's the end of it."
[01:32] <Zypher[B]> lol
[01:32] <Zypher[B]> lol really asl
[01:32] <dixi[away]> I'm serious!
[01:33] <Zypher[B]> lol you a male lol
[01:33] <Zypher[B]> LOL
[01:33] * dixi[away] laughs
[01:33] * Zypher[B] shocked
[01:33] <Zypher[B]> lol

Wow. XP

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[11:57] <[K]loudRunner> its depressing... you actually seem to be the most competent LC
[11:57] <[K]loudRunner> how worrying is that
[11:58] <dixi[K]> HEY


This is fun. :) We killed Itsje! :)!