October 26th, 2005



This programming project, even though it was on Stacks and I wasn't in class to learn it so had to pick it up while I was programming it, only took like 3 1/4 hours! Rock! :) That makes me happy. :)

Stacks themselves aren't difficult, but we had to use them to solve a maze, which was a bit more difficult. Funny thing, Philip - I wanna talk to you about it. XP
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Ooh, nifty idea..

I should create a series of games, all of increasing level! That way, I wouldn't need to worry about keeping players and such. Create a world, and start everyone at level one, and run a game. Players would gain exp and gold, and either level or not. If they levelled, then the next game I ran would be level 2, and people would be able to use characters from previous games in the game, or use new characters at base. (And if they didn't level, the next game would be lvl 1, and people would just be less well-off if they hadn't played before.)

:) What think ye?

[Or I could make a Living campaign, but uhh.. I don't know that I want to do that. :/ Though that'd be kinda cool. I mean, only real difference is that anyone starting would be at lvl 1 rather than a higher level..]


quadropheniac57> so we're talking about aboriginal symbols in school today
quadropheniac57> and i tell my group that i read it was bad luck to kill an emu, except i say emo on accident
quadropheniac57> so i laugh and say "actually, it's pretty good luck to kill an emo"
quadropheniac57> this girl, overweight, dyed black hair, eyeshadow, not goth but close
quadropheniac57> says "no, emo is sad. emo is short for emotional"
quadropheniac57> so i respond "no, emo is short for stupid"
quadropheniac57> she says "no, it's for emotional. emo people are emotional beings who live that way to relieve their pain"
quadropheniac57> i say "emo people are self-absorbed attention-seeking idiots who listen to crappy music"
quadropheniac57> rest of class, she gives me the most dark and depressed death glare
quadropheniac57> THE WHOLE REST OF CLASS, that's like 45 minutes, she's just death-looking me, not even turning her head
quadropheniac57> i swear, she's gonna kill herself this weekend, and it's all my fault
civilpunkbikes> good luck coming your way
quadropheniac57> amen

Ashley> No, believe me... my job SUCKS.
Ashley> We have to clock out to go to the bathroom. What kind of shit is that?
Robert> The kind you don't get paid for.

[Oh yeah; bash is back. In case you didn't notice. XP]

chrisg> is it star wars ep. 2 thats got the litte green guy jumpin about fighting and stuff?
grifferz> what you have just asked, is, to a star wars fan, akin to saying, "so, that bible, is that the one where the beardy guy conjures up a heap of fish?" to a christian

Oh my god.

So apparently, a lot of sites that talked about Carlos Varela's song "Una Palabra" linked to likeomgwow.com's mp3z section when it was still up. x_x That's pretty damn nifty!