October 3rd, 2005


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There's no light at the end of the tunnel, just a bridge that I gotta burn

edit: Das Geisteskrank: (Michael and Sam say Hi.)
JimBob4554: (I say Sex.)
Das Geisteskrank: XDDDDD
Das Geisteskrank: Sam asks when.
JimBob4554: I thought Sam had a boyfriend?
Das Geisteskrank: Not currently, apparently.
JimBob4554: ;_;
JimBob4554: Well, then, whenever.
JimBob4554: ^_^ I'm up for it.
JimBob4554: ""
Das Geisteskrank: *sweatdrop* We'll tell sam.
JimBob4554: *grin* You do that.
Das Geisteskrank: Sam says to fly over here.
JimBob4554: For sex? That sounds worth it..
JimBob4554: *grin*
Das Geisteskrank: Sam says "Okay, get on over here."
JimBob4554: Oh how much I loathe being poor at this very moment.
JimBob4554: *checks flight prices*
JimBob4554: Let's see.. I've got $2 in my wallet.. and like $4 in change in the car...
JimBob4554: carry the one...
JimBob4554: *scratches head*
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