September 15th, 2005



I forgot to post this, but apparently Dad won't be bugging me about having paint on my jeans anymore. He and Mom were shopping, and Mom pointed out pre-painted jeans to him for $48, whereas Mom normally gets me jeans for $15-20 and I put paint on them myself. ;)


quiksilvrr101: hello
axelay4: went out and bought some dice for D&D yesterday
quiksilvrr101: hot
axelay4: they were mondo expensive i looked the guy at the counter straight in the face and asked him if i could roll a D20 to haggle
quiksilvrr101: lol
quiksilvrr101: and?
axelay4: goddamn natural 1

You gotta be kidding.


Well, that passed amazingly uneventfully and quickly. And I think I had at least a partial admition that I wasn't as fault as much as I might have been.

Which leaves me regretting something. ;) But oh well.