September 4th, 2005


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JimBob4554: There's a place in my head
And we could go there instead
You and I, you and I could go
And everyone else, why, they'd never even know

Auto response from []: there's a place in my head...

In other news, going up to Gettysburt tomorrow to visit Amanda. :)

edit: Here's the Modest Proposal quote.

Wow. Just.. wow.

Gettysburg is an absolutely beautiful campus! I'm impressed. I like it. :)

Found parking in front of some building where there were no signs restricting parking, so I parked there. :P In theory, that should be fine, since there are no signs. XD Guess we'll see. But I say I have a good argument if I get in trouble. :)

edit: And this school is definitely a lot less preppy than I'm used to for a real campus (having only been at UVA - I don't remember the people at Delaware); I definitely feel over-prepped. :P (I'm wearing my blue shirt with the swirly flower design. :P)

There's a field hockey game going on that just started. GO BULLETS! :D
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