September 3rd, 2005


I love my dad.

Remember how I was complaining about VCU only having one grammar course? Dad suggested checking out UofR, since they have a better English department.. Very good idea; I think I'll do that.

edit: 381 Modern Grammar. Introduction to linguistics, including theories and practices of structuralists and transformationalists. (Meets state licensure requirements for teaching. Modern Language (MDLG) 407, Topics in Linguistics, may be substituted for this licensure requirement.) Prerequisite: English 103 with grade of C (2.0) or better. 4 sem. hrs.

That's what I found at UR. I'll have to talk to someone there and see what else there is, if anything, but that sounds like fun. I don't think it's quite exactly what I'm looking for, but still sounds like fun!

That Modern Language class sounds like fun too...


Most of you have seen the closets in my house. Dad tells people that everyone else has a walk-in closet, but Mom has a run-in closet. XD


Dad also gave me a good idea for a job - night operator at DuPont. They'd have to have a position open and want to hire me, but it'd definitely be worth it. Of course, it'd be 8 nights a week (7 nights a week = full work week + 2 extra days * time.5 = 8 days), but the money'd be really good - defintely worth losing my weekends over. I'd just use my weekends to catch up on sleep and chill around here with people. And DuPont has a lot of college kids working, and the night operator position comes with training and you probaly only need a high school degree for it. :D

Here's hoping. That would make me happy. Would solve one of my three problems. :P And in a very good way.

Also, DuPont would probably pay for my college if I got that, since I'd be a full-time employee. And I'd probably get benefits! It'd be very, very sweet.


Funny thing - when my dad worked for Kodak as a technician, he'd get a lot of overtime.. When he was promoted to electrical engineer, he lost $10,000/yr.. even though he had a pay raise. No overtime. :P It's kinda funny.