September 2nd, 2005



The lowest gas price at a regular gas station I saw was 3.19. Sam's Club and Costco have regular at 2.65 and premium at 2.85. Sam's Club ran out of regular JUST as I was pulling up, so I got premium, but 2.85 is still a lot better than 3.19.

edit: And for the obligatory funny:

Also, a note about happiness.

Oh, and you all should like this one:

{LD}> roses are red
{LD}> violets are blue
{LD}> in soviet russia
{LD}> poems write you


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edit: "Hey there, hot stuff. Looking for a deep cave of despair to climb into?"

Talking about the murder mystery.

Sparks: Who's the murderer?!
PV: Snape.

Tenshi: ... dare I ask what's going on?
Tenshi: other than rape?
PV: ohh
PV: uhh
PV: >.>
PV: <.<
PV: consensual..
Tenshi: right
Tenshi: well, as soon as I can see what's going on, I'll be the judge of that