August 25th, 2005


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I need to find an online game to take up my dead time in the mornings MW. Suggestions?

edit: A captain in the foreign legion gets transferred to a desert outpost.

On arrival he spots a mangy old camel. He said to the sergeant "What is the camel for"

The sergeant said "Well sir, We're a good distance from anywhere, and the men do have sexual urges. When they do, we have the camel."

The captain said "Well if it's good for the men's morale, it's good enough for me."

After a couple of weeks the captain becomes a little frustrated himself, and tells the sergeant to bring the camel.

The camel is brought to his quarters, he gets a foot stool and begins to have vigorous sex with the camel. When he had finished he said to the sergeant "Is that how the enlisted men do it"

The sergeant said "Well no sir. They usually ride it to the Brothel in town."

Obligatory first day of classes post.

My Intro to Philosophy teacher is really cool. He commutes from Charlottesville (where apparently everyone in my class except one girl from NY has been), so he set up his schedule to have classes only TR. We have 4 exams, no homework (readings, yeah, but nothing turned in), no essays, no final exam. And he's a funny guy.

My CMSC 301 class, which I was looking forward to, is going to suck. A lot. Dr. Brilliant is, well, not so much. She has an annoying voice, never stops talking, and takes the most round-about ways to explain things.

CMSC 256 looks like it'll be cool. Pretty cool prof, and no book at all - just assignments, 2 exams, and the final. Looking forward to this class; already have an assignment!! (Yes, this is the only class I'll be glad to have homework in, because I enjoy doing it so much.)

Physics lab didn't exist, which is nifty. I like it when that happens. However, it will exist next week. Pooh.

Physics looks like it will suck but probably not be horribly difficult (what with it being my third time and all :P). The teacher doesn't seem like the most clear person in the world, and EVERYTHING is for credit, but I did get to correct her on "backwards" - and she's gonna look it up and fix it. (An English major in class backed me up on this. At least, I think he was an English major. I mean, who else knows this shit?)

I have 23 credits worth of classes I want to take next semester. Not including English 200 (which I don't think I'm going to take next semester, considering.) 2 credits of that is the grammar course.. which I was hoping would be advanced grammar, but apparently they don't have that - I only see one grammar course (ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND USAGE) available for next semester. :/

Have to figure out what I want to do, considering that's a fuck of a courseload. :/ Plus, timing...

Anyway, overall, pretty good day. Need to call Sparks (will do that in a second) and check on a book for Snack.

Oh, and I went to the high school league show at Comedy Alley - definitely the best of the three, and one of the better shows I've seen. Their work with 5 Things and Crime Story was amazing. And I had a table with cool people.

Watched the AIA Scholastic A guards with the VCU guard before coming home. Really looking forward to the season, and debating what I want to spin - of course I'll be doing flag, but I really kinda want to do rifle, despite the time commitment... (That would also put me in more of the show than just the beginning and ending flag features, which would be nice.) :/ Darnit.. gotta think. Gotta figure out how much time I'll have to put into this.. or how much time I want to put into it regardless of whether or not I have it.

edit: Oh, and I want to get the AIA DVD(s) for last year. Does anyone know if they're still selling them?

editII: Physics recitation (Monday) is going to suck: it's us working in groups to solve problems and make sure we all understand the material. In other words, it'll be me sitting around explaining to a bunch of stupid people why the answer is what it is and how to get it, just like always. Great. Just what I always wanted.