August 23rd, 2005



Conversation between Mother and myself:

Me: Maybe I'll just get a job delivering drugs. Load up my car with bricks of cocaine and go. That's good money - I'd pay off my debt really quickly and then quit. Or not quit - probably get killed.
Mom: NO. With your luck, on your first night, you'll get killed, and picked up by the cops.
Me: In which order? Killed and then picked up, or picked up and then killed?
Mom: Both at the same time. You'll get killed while getting picked up by the cops.

XDDDDDDD I love my mom. XD
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Joke them if they can't take a fuck!

So apparently, there are two guys who want to kill me. One thinks I was hitting on him, and he's "not gay" (read: in the closet and afraid to come out), so he doesn't like guys hitting on him. The other thought I was hitting on his girlfriend.

Now, everyone knows I flirt with the majority of the guys I meet, and though I think he's overreacting, given the situation, fine, I'll accept that.

But the second guy. What.. the FUCK?! That just pisses me off to no end.

Grah. I hate people. Seriously. If this becomes another place I can't go because of another dumbass reason, I'm going to be very, very pissed.. especially since I generally enjoy myself very much when I'm there.

edit: And for the funny:

< froggie> how frequently do chest infections kill asthmatics?
< punchcard> no more than once i would guess
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