August 13th, 2005


(no subject)

My aunt and uncle came down last night to take my grandma up this morning. (They're leaving soon.) Grandma said this is the last time she's going to come down, because she's old. :(

And I haven't seen my aunt and uncle in a while; my uncle's hair has gotten a lot greyer. Not in a bad way, though; just.. a sign of age. I love my aunt and uncle. I'm glad I got to see them. I'm going to go up to Rochester this coming semester at some point - see family again and visit Maggie (and hopefully Jason, Sensei Rob, and others as well; see Merna and everyone).

My grandma asked me what we do for four hours at night (we were up till 3 or 4 yesterday); my dad's like, "Why do you need to know? I don't ask. Not my business." Grandma's like, "Well, they're bumping around and making noise." Dad's like, "Then that's what they're doing: bumping around and making noise. You don't need to know."

XDDD I love my dad.