May 9th, 2005



Jeff: you working then? Or are you just up to be awake?
Kevin: Court.
Jeff: oh, I'm sorry, am I holding you up?
Kevin: Nah.
Kevin: Getting dressed.
Jeff: good to hear. I think the judge will look kindly on that
Kevin: ROFL
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Tonight is burger night at Capital Ale House at 9, as always, buuuut...

This Friday night, Friday the 13th, will be a horror movie night at my house starting at 8:30 10!

Update on Horror Movie Night.

Okay, so I have a team meeting on Friday night to cover whole loads of shit from 6 to 9 up in Charlottesville, so We're going to move Horror Movie Night this Friday the 13th to 10 pm!

Come. :D It'll be awesome. Invite everyone you know. Bring snacks and drinks. Have fun.