March 21st, 2005


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fkn cramps.. oww...

at least the hiccups are gone. >_<


whoo, driving with cramps isn't fun. >_< i mean, cramps aren't fun in general, but they're EXTREMELY distracting when you're driving.

edit: Oh yeah, and I found out today my cholesterol level's 180 (the top of the normal range is 169). So my doctor told me to cut back on fried foods, dairy (though skim milk's fine, cuz i asked), and red meat. So, of course, after that I have ice cream, a burger, and fries. God I'm horrible! *keels over and dies*

Oh, and today before I found that out I had a cheeseburger big bite from 7-11. I can feel my heart stopping every time I eat one of those. (Damn you, Travis!)
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