March 16th, 2005


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Stupid new cell phone needs the area code before it can make a call. >_< Dammit that's really annoying. I got used to not having to do that with Tmobile.

edit: Oh, by the by, if I manage to get all the estimates in that I plan on doing, I have a shot at winning the competition for most estimates over spring break! :P Jed said the most he'd heard thus far was 16; I was planning on doing 17. Hopefully hopefully hopefully I'll win that! Finally, a little recognition for the hard work I don't do. XP
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This is such bullshit.

I was paying $3 for 400 text messages at Tmobile, which was .75 cents per text message. Now I'm paying $5 for 200 text messages, which is 4 cents per message. That's such bullshit.

Speakerphone is cool. :P

edit: 2.5 cents per. >.> I suck at math.