February 26th, 2005


Popeye's marketing is the shiznit!

So, between John, Josh, and myself, we've gotten 16 leads so far today. I got 6 in 40 minutes on my own, which is pretty insane. :D

Oh, and my goal as it stands right now is 16 per week... so this is a good day so far. XP

I think it was your "Good luck" this morning, Pat. That's what I attribute it to. ;-)

So yeah, Josh, my new marketer who I hired yesterday at 8 pm, was out with me for 2 1/2 hours today and got 6 leads.. thus making him $30 in 2 1/2 hours. Not too shabby. That's $12/hr. So again, if anyone wants to do some marketing for me.. it can pay pretty well. And I'll pay $5 to anyone who gives me the name and number of someone who I hire as a marketer.

Brendan got 2 leads in 45 minutes (but both were with me; Josh actually got some on his own too), making $10 in 45, and he gave me Josh's number, so that's another $5.

Just sayin'; if you want a job and have some free time, this is the place to BE!

Need to go hit up marketing classes at VCU and see about getting more marketers, since I'm going to be doing estimates with a lot of my time now.. maybe stop by Godwin and do the same. Talk to Mrs. Shelton. :D I'm sure she'd let me speak to her classes.
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Dinner was really good. The place is good, but it's expensive. Jeff showed up, and that was really cool - it ended up being just Jeff, Travis, and me, but it was really nice to be able to just sit and talk for a couple hours - I haven't been able to do that for a long time. I mean, I've been around people who could talk to each other for hours, but not been in a situation where I could just sit and talk nonstop comfortably with people for hours. So that was really good.

Movie night last night was good, too, and I'm hopefully not going to miss my sleep too much. [Which reminds me - I should call Josh and Brendan.]

So yeah. Gonna take care of a few things then head to bed - I do need at least some sleep!

And my cough is a giant bitch. Argh.