February 22nd, 2005


Funniest day of marketing EVAR!

Ask me if you want to know; it was hilarious. Can't take the time to type it up right now, though.

But yeah, got 2 leads in 45 minutes - think that weekdays are definitely the time to go. Saturday might work well, too - and my DM is coming out marketing with me, probably Saturday morning, and hopefully one or both of my marketers can come so that he can help them out. After that, I went to Guard (going back now), and I told Mr. Mitchell I had a phone meeting at 9.. which got me into explaining what I'm doing this summer, and he's looking to get his house painted, so that's a third lead for the day. XDDD!! That was great - and rather random. But yeah.

And Mrs. Deland gave me a good idea for a place to go marketing where they paint and sell their houses all the time, and there's not much done with siding there (so more paint jobs than powerwashing jobs, which is good).

The homeowners' association in Raintree doesn't like lawn signs, so they took all of mine down, but I went and left handwritten thank-you notes in the mailboxes of all the people that let me put one up, since I still appreciate that they did and that it was up for a few days. :)

I think I'm gonna try to finish all the dead-end side streets to Raintree and Cox through this week and weekend and start on Copperas next week.

This is kind of exciting.

Wish life and school were turning out this well..

BTB, in relation to the story I mentioned above, Brendan is so amazingly non-assertive! @.@! I need to kick him of that if he's to do well, and I need to get him to be less scared and nervous and more relaxed too, definitely.

With Slater, I need to get him out during a weekday and see how that goes, since that seems to be where most of my leads are coming from.