February 17th, 2005



Just to keep everything straight for everyone:

Sunday, Feb 20, 7:00: Constantine at Short Pump. [Monday is President's Day.]
Friday, Feb 25, 9:00: Movie night at my house.
Saturday, Feb 26, 7:30: Dinner at King Buffet (? - new Japanese and Chinese buffet in the Books-a-million plaza). :D

Tell and bring anyone and everyone you can! :D Well, keep it slightly smaller for movie night, but for 1 and 3, definitely! Anyone and everyone welcome!

*will make calls sometime*

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Gonna go geo-caching with my slightly intoxicated brother and his slightly intoxicated friend in about 20-30 minutes. Walking, which is the only reason I'm going - 6 or 7 beers and driving doesn't make me overly conident. :P

Apparently, there are 5 caches within a mile and 17 within 2 miles. Should be cool. Not taking or leaving anything; just gonna find them.

Well, I'm gonna grab some food, go do that, and then catch a bit of sleep. XP Fun stuff.

edit [2:28]: Well, that didn't work as well as it might have. And my hands are frozen, which makes it tough to type.

Remind me to wear jeans next time.
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I hate my cough.

Anyway, does anyone know where I can get a sound file or video of the relatively new Geico commercial? That'd be great. I love that commercial. BEST COMMERCIAL EVER!