January 11th, 2005


Everyone else is doing it!

So, here's what I'm contemplating for my schedule for this semester. (I'll tell you tomorrow if I got into everything.)

09:00-09:50 - Intermediate Spanish
11:00-11:50 - Differential Equations
12:00-12:50 - Math 211 (Discrete Math or somesuch)
13:00-13:50 - Intro to the Old Testament

08:00-09:15 - Organizational Behavior
11:00-12:15 - Paradox (philosophy)
12:30-13:45 - Intro to Mathematical Reasoning

In total, since I think all those classes are 3 credits, that's 21 credits. However, I'm going to wait and see which of the TR classes I like and drop the rest, if any. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get into the Paradox class, and I think the Mathematical Reasoning class is stuff like induction and proofs, which I don't particularly like. :/ So we'll see what happens.

But I'm happy with my MWF classes. :) Hopefully I get all those. (All my classes have enough spots that I'm not too worried, except for the Paradox class, which has 5 openings.)

This is nice, though, since I'm not in class too late. Kinda disappointed that I have no days that I get to sleep in, if I keep Organizational Behavior, but I guess I can deal.