December 26th, 2004


What's life if you're afraid of a little snow and ice?

Slater's not coming because it's snowing fairly heavily in Raleigh; imagine how much more adamant he'd be if he knew Leah was looking out her window at sleet just 15 minutes ago? :P

The subject was not a jibe at Slater, by the way; it was just a comment.

I'll still be going down. Well, I'll be trying to. It all depends on how accepting nature is to big hunks of metal travelling down her arrogantly-defiled landscapes.

I might spend the night down there, depending on how bad the situation is and how overconfident or tired I'm feeling. If I get down there to begin with.

edit: Since Slater's not coming, my parents are, because Dad doesn't want me driving down on my own. Which means I likely won't be spending the night, nor will I likely have much of a chance to hang out with Leah afterward. So hopefully we'll get there in some semblance of on time.

Good thing we have extra tickets.
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