December 22nd, 2004



TNBC FUZZY DICE!! :D:D:D!! Thank you, Pat!!

I got the present Alex and I are giving to my parents tonight. :P He paid me most of what he owes me for that, and I got two more people's prereg money.. I'm pretty much putting money onto my new credit card to get cash for paying off the old ones. XD I should be able to pay off the first one with no problem, and the second one is less.. and should also be no problem. The third one will suck. XD

Woohoo, I got a replacement for Nutcracker! Thanks, Slater! :)

What's the best fruitcake recipe?
One that's never used!

I've been having a good time for a while now. :) This is nice.

edit: Mrs. Bear + Dildo [Parental Discretion Advised]Collapse )
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