December 21st, 2004



I'm over by 27 minutes on my cell phone plan. >_< Fuck that's going to be costly. Damn. Will have to let Mom know. *sends an email* Btb, don't call my cell unless it's after 9 or my minutes have restarted. :P

We need to go see Blade sometime.

Thank you, Cary. You're awesome. :)

I really, really, really miss the good old gaming days, back when gaming was cool. Things suck now.. :/ Though, there are benefits to being now than then.. but there are also disadvantages. All in all, I live in the now and for the future.

It's been a pretty good couple of days. I have a bit of a headache, though.. lots of loud people at Laurel's party.

:) Night, all.

..I have an early start tomorrow. XD
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