December 10th, 2004


Holy shit that was not.. a good.. dream.

I mean, in some ways, it was better than most of its kind.. but in others, it was a lot worse. I don't know. It might just have been worse since I was actually sleeping, and thus actually thought myself in that position, as opposed to normal.
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Oh hot!

"All the Administrative Offices in Thornton A-Wing are once again providing exam goodies starting on Monday, December 13 at
8:00 a.m. Please stop by for assorted donuts, bagels, brownies and beverages before your exams. Good luck on your exams and have a safe and happy holiday winter break."

Woohoo, I am so there!


Glue was a good idea (as he tries to get Super Glue off his skin). I wish I hadn't tried to get the stuff off, though, since the top's screwed up. I tried to fix it just now but I gave up. *sigh* The ball's glued in now, and I'm about to glue on the piece that came off.. so that's probably as good as it'll get. Hopefully it'll stay.

edit: It looks horrible, but.. *sighs* I really wish I had just thought to super glue it originally.. that would have worked out so amazingly much better. *sigh*

I guess we'll see if it survives it through the night.