December 9th, 2004



We have 8 people, so once Monday rolls around, I'll be sending out prereg and the check. Final chances for anyone to register with us; if I don't have your info by Sunday night, you can find register on your own or with someone else. ;)

I'm content. I've saved my $5, so if nobody else registers with me, that's just less for me to deal with. :P But I'm leaving it open as long as I said I would, in case anyone wants to take advantage of the now-guaranteed group rate.


Raw Energy- You can create raw energy from your
emotions, this enables you to be always on your
guard and inflict pain to those who threaten
you- be careful, for what may come as a surge
of power could diminish if the purpose was
solely for destruction

What Kind Of Power Could You Possess?
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I think I'm set for the holiday season; need to prepare some stuff, but I don't think I'll need to buy anything else. :)

Canceled one credit card and am canceling the other right after I post this; that'll leave me with only my new one, which actually gets me rewards. :P

I have higher balances on my cards than I thought I did. :/ Oh well; will be getting money soon.

Your Stripper Info by radioface
first name
Stripper Name:Billy Jean
Specialty:the VIP room...shhhhh
Customers say:"Are those real?"
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What it should translate to:

dear students
we hope that/what you can translate a sentence
or two with a Java computer program
the fox brown quick jumped over the dog lazy
your professors

What I'm getting right now:

null null
null null null null null null a null
null null null null null null null
null null null null null null null null null
null null

Really need to figure out how to make it work right, but hey, I actually translated 2 of the words! That's something!

edit: Now I've got it all working but the last word in each line (that has more than one word). :D W00t! This isn't bad. (I was coming a bit short on my substrings because I forgot that it goes to i2-1, so I was subtracting the 1 twice.)

edit2: Got it.

This program didn't take long at all. (Then again, I was done with my lab quiz today in 10 minutes. *sigh* Such a waste of time. 2 hours driving back and forth, and it was such a simple little array manipulation program that I was done in 10 minutes. Everyone was like "!!".. hehe.)
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