December 8th, 2004


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I think too much.

Showers are dangerous places.
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I don't know chem.

I'm fairly sure that's the quiz that's going to be dropped, as I guess on about half the questions. (There's no way I got above a 65, and that's what I'd need for this quiz not to be the one that gets dropped.)

There's no point in going to my classes for the next two days. I'd go home if I had already done my CS homework. Damn me.

I might do so anyway, if I do my ENGR lab before my parents come tonight.

I offended my mom by asking, as everytime they come to visit me, I look for an excuse to go home.
She's worried that I'm going to drop out (as always). It's my choice if I will come home or not. I don't know yet.

"To slack, or not to slack, that is the question," right, Pat?
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"I thought you were going to save me a trip."

Dwight hailed me as I was coming back from turning in my final ENGR lab, since I was walking back to the dorm and it was 5 minutes till class time, thinking that there might not be STS and he could go back. I had to disappiont him. I probably should have gone to class, since I think this makes 4 absences and we have a 2 absence leeway.

There's a guy around campus that looks like a young Einstein, with his thick, poofy, bouncy, curly brown hair and everything.

I just informed my roommate (and emailed the RA) that I'll be transfering. [I'm coming home tonight!, so I'm pretty much moving out today and just coming back to grab my stuff from time to time.] He seemed a bit stunned and wished me the best. :)

My lowest ENGR lab grade is now 10 points lower than it was before lab 11. Added to the fact that the lab I just turned in is below average, this pretty much guarantees me a B+ instead of an A- for ENGR this semester. That's kinda sad. :(

Need to talk to housing and to sell some of my books back.

edit: Mom: Maybe you should wait until after your last exam to sell the books back?
Me: Mom.. I haven't looked in these books all year. I doubt I will before the exams.