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09:30am 07/12/2004
mood: have to go to the bathroom >.>
The piece that broke broke off while I was sleeping. At least I didn't have to search for it, because that would have been an even bigger pain, but now I'll have to get Dad to solder it back on this weekend (or bring the soldering iron and glue up when they come up for dinner).

Went to the calc quiz and learned Taylor and McLurin series. Woohoo. *shrug* And what to do with power series. (I don't do homework; I just go to the quizzes, watch the professor go over people's questions on homework, and learn it that way.)
09:57am 07/12/2004
11:51am 07/12/2004
mood: meh
Bowling Friday, if anyone wants to come.
02:41pm 07/12/2004
mood: *shrug*
Russell wanted to work on Sunday again. I convinced him to do it Monday afternoon, since it's exam week. Took a bit, though.
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05:28pm 07/12/2004
  Happy Hanukkah. May the days bring you much gelt. ;)  
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For all you geeks out there.   
07:21pm 07/12/2004
  "Over half a thousand US Dollars worth of equipment... The second largest semiconductor currently in production... 260THOUSAND times the magnetic field strength of Earth... 22.7 MILLION Watts of electricity... Enough energy to kill a person 250 times over... Enough power during a single discharge to supply a large city... A 20 kilogram + device...Several days worth of work... The ability to smash an aluminium can with no physical contact, and to do it so fast and heat it so much in the process that it sounds as though the can is exploding as the drink inside it boils off...



For more, go to:


edit: IT BEGINS!

A girl outside my dorm had a squirrel jump out of the trash at her face!! And so it begins. Be afeared. Be very afeared.
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