December 6th, 2004


True Love.

The Cost of Christmas (scroll down to see the table)

Now if only I had 66 thousand dollars...

I got a 93 on the last CS midterm - lost 7 points for the same mistake repeated numerous times (which I know now) and 2 points for not making a constant final (+2 points extra credit).

I've been reading and staring at a picture that I'm carrying around and dreaming for all of today. 135 pages into the book; started this morning on the way back up.
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I still only have 5 people for AMA, and I need 8 to get the group rate. If I don't have the 8 by the 13th, I'll send out an email and give a few days for people to respond to tell me if they still want to get registered through me or do it on their own - it won't be a group rate if we don't get 3 more people in the next week.

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[20:18] JimBob4554: im okay i swear it
[20:18] FOAMYslushie: i believe you... *picks up phone to dial men in white coats*
[20:18] JimBob4554: lol
[20:18] JimBob4554: aww gee, you dont have to get me strippers!

Thank god!

I've been waiting for two days for this to happen. It was under the chair (not mine but the other one), near the "leg" by my side of the room, on the inside. Thank god!

I was sitting on my bed, just starting my conversation with Mom, and I found it. Thank god.
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I got a 65 on my STS paper; that's only 10 points lower than the first. Hot! :D I'm very happy with that. (I put NO effort into that thing and was expecting around a 40.)
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