December 1st, 2004


Happy December!


I'm missing Taylor Series on Friday; joy. Hopefully notes from person will make sense.

edit: Whoa. Since it's 1:12 and it's December 1, when I switch from time to date and back again, the numbers don't change; just all the other crap goes away. That's neat.

...I'm easily amused.

Anyone know if the Wheel of Monotony in Neopets ever actually stops spinning?

moredit: Well, that was a quick test (CS). I'm sure I made mistakes, since I didn't check over it, but I finished in 1/3 of the time (25/75 min). :D

hehe: "What about when she wasn't pregnant?"
"She was always pregnant."


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OKAY GUYS! If you want to get the $20 group rate, we need to send in prereg by the end of the year. We need at least 8 people to be a group. PLEASE POST HERE (or email me) if you'd like to be part of this group, as that'll get you a cheaper prereg and get it out of the way early so you don't have to deal with it.

So far, we have:


That means we need 5 more of you crazy con-goers to tell me you want to give me $20 and the following information sent to :

Phone number

I don't see shirt stuff on the site anywhere, nor on the reg form, but that's fine by me as I don't want to deal with that. ^_~

As soon as I have 8 people, I'll write a check and send it all in and hunt everyone down to give me mah money back. If I don't get 8 people, we obviously don't get the group rate. And that makes me tears. :'( [Tell me if you want me to prereg you anyway if we don't get the group rate - it's still $25, whereas even the group rate for after this year will be either $25 or $30.]

edit: Actually, if I have 8+ people by the 13th of December, I'm sending it all in then.. so that way, people that don't get in the first 8 won't necessarily be left out unless they're slow.

edit again: Uhh, it's June 17-19, btw.