November 30th, 2004



All of my classes and such are canceled today! Calc was canceled because we didn't do anything since the test, and ENGR and the meeting with Prof. O'Connell was canceled because he has/had a case of the stomach flu and just recently got out of bed. He'll be in for a brief time today, but only long enough to put out our graded reports (which I'd like to go check).

I mean, I feel bad for Prof, but I'm happy. :) Today's free to do work or whatever.
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I'm thinking of walking down to the bookstore in the plaza (about half an hour walk) and buying On a Pale Horse, since Jenny still has my copy from ninth grade, and it was a very good book...

...I'm poor, though. Hmm. :/ I could just stick with bash, I suppose. Or try the book that Sparks gave me. I'll probably do that.

I'm a horrible student.


I fucking hate you, ENGR.

I have to be here on Sunday at noon again to work on this stupid fucking pointless project. I'll take the car this time, park and come back once we're done.

If I have to fucking be here on Sunday, I'm fucking leaving on Thursday. Damned if I'll stay here longer than I have to.

I had plans for Sunday. I FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT!


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[17:02] SmarterChild: Here's your Aquarius horoscope for Tuesday, November 30th, provided by

Forget about getting your list of to-dos completely done -- especially if it's work-oriented. You'll be stopped, stalled and delayed. Just don't get mad. It won't help, and it might hurt.

[17:02] SmarterChild: Here's the Gemini horoscope for Tuesday, November 30th, provided by

Money matters will seem to be more trouble than they're worth -- and you just might be right. For the next three weeks, you'll need to be on your toes. Don't make commitments if things don't seem just right.

This wasn't the one that I meant to do (wanting to do the second one above), but..

[17:02] SmarterChild: Here's the Aquarius horoscope for May 22nd, provided by

Thoughts and feelings come from different places. Your brain and your heart both like what's happening now. Move into this situation with your whole being, trusting and confident every step of the way.

I hate chem lab.

Just looked at the prelab for 9. I don't know how the hell to do this stuff; I don't know chemistry. *sighs*

I'll just fucking retake it at VCU.

edit: I want EQII. Or something I can lose myself in. I did the prelab. Kinda. I obviously didn't do it right, because there's no way I could get answers with as little information as I got from doing it. And it went too quickly; it's supposed to take a long time. But I don't know how to do it; I don't know how to do chemistry. I don't want to know how to do chemistry, either. So what the heck?

I'm going to have to retake it in VCU. Not sure if I'll get credit there either, though, which is a problem. I need it to get a degree.

Maybe next time I'll cheat my ass off and see if I can get credit for it that way. What's the point in maintaining integrity if it means falling victim to a requirement that shouldn't exist? This means nothing; this is nothing. All it is is an obstacle on my way to a degree, not an opportunity at knowledge.

*sighs* But what are the chances? I'll probably just fail again. Or maybe I'll be lucky and VCU's chem lab is easier than UVA's. Is it, Derek? Please tell me it's easy, that there's nothing to it.
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College Works Painting internship.

"There is one thing I need everyone to bring. We have found that good people usually hang out with other good people. The DM's have to speak in a lot of classes and sift through a lot of people to find those good people. DM's are also getting ready for finals and are very busy, so I would like everyone to write down and bring 5 names and numbers of friends or people you know that you feel might be good at this internship. They need to have good communication and people skills, be motivated and hard workers, and must attend JMU or UVA or be willing to travel to one of these schools for interviews."

The average intern in this program made about $9,300 over the summer. The most successful person made $65,000. The company pretty much sets you up with a small business and helps you to run it. The better you do, the more money you make.

If you're interested in getting a call about this to get a bit more information, email me a phone number where you can be reached.