November 2nd, 2004



[00:01] BabyChicka2087: The kevin In here doesn't look like the one of you with your bro and gf
[00:02] BabyChicka2087: is that you with the black hair?
[00:03] JimBob4554: my bro and gf?
[00:03] BabyChicka2087: his gf
[00:03] BabyChicka2087: YOu had blonde hair
[00:04] JimBob4554: Kevin Jones. I have dark hair.
[00:04] BabyChicka2087: Ok sorry
[00:04] JimBob4554: Wait..
[00:04] JimBob4554: There are no pictures of Kevin Jones here.
[00:04] JimBob4554: Where's a picture of a Kevin with blond hair?
[00:04] JimBob4554: (Unless you can get past 15 on the slideshow.. I still need to see what's up with that.)
[00:05] JimBob4554: OHH Spring trip.
[00:05] BabyChicka2087: No
[00:05] JimBob4554: ?
[00:05] BabyChicka2087: Starlight Pipers Hideaway; my family
[00:05] BabyChicka2087: Slater's family
[00:06] BabyChicka2087: wait whats your last name?
[00:06] JimBob4554: ........................... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

edit: [00:17] [00:16] JimBob4554: ITS IN TEH CONSTITUTION!
[00:16] JimBob4554: XDDDD
[00:17] BabyChicka2087: how do I use deviantart
[00:17] BabyChicka2087: teh?
[00:17] BabyChicka2087: don't you mean the
[00:17] JimBob4554: teh is coal
[00:17] BabyChicka2087: coal?
[00:17] BabyChicka2087: cool
[00:18] JimBob4554: ...yes.

I don't know why.

I just applied for a Platinum Visa from Paypal and got it. I'm not sure why I applied, but I get $5 the first time I use it! :D

Need Discover to give me a card, so I can get real cash back. :/ But they're all like "We'll think about it and send you a letter."

It's been a good night. :D I'm going to bed, though. My eyes are all like "WAAAH GO TO BED!"


it's so nice to sleep in. Mmm. :)

Gonna shower, type up my one page (okay, so I didn't do any other work last night :D so sue me), go get breakfast, then go to class. :)


edit: So yeah. Fire alarm. It's fun to stand outside in nothing but sandals and a towel (and my necklace).

Nipple rings look like they hurt.


*shudder shudder*

*shudder shudder shudder*


Oh, and you guys remember senior assassins? Well, the dorms do it too.

Anyway, back to stuff.

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November 3 is the 15 year anniversary of our coming to America. My parents and brother are coming up and we're going to go out to a restaurant.

I want to go home.