November 1st, 2004



It was a really good night yesterday. Good enough that it's still on my mind and made coming back not as bad, because I'm still thinking about it.

I don't have to go to calc tomorrow, since we have the test tonight. :D Yey! I can sleep in.

They're playing Hero at Newcomb Theatre at 6 on Thursday the 11. :D I wanna go see. And apparently this week's movie is Nightmare Before Christmas! Ouuuuuuuuu<3<3.

edit: We watched the AYBABTU flash during CS.

I've gotta make my presentation during STS (which I have 25 minutes to practice for >_<), take my calc test at 7 (which I'm going to fail, and I'm dead serious >_<), and put together the group project at 8:30 for engineering (because my parnters are retards and didn't pull their weight earlier >_<).


Just did my presentation; nerve-wracking. Got a lot of smirks when I mentioned the adult industry, so I went into a bit more detail on that. :P

*phew!* Glad that's over!

edit: We have a paper due on November 23 by 5 PM; persuasive essay. Pick a subject that makes us hot, makes us angry, and persuade the reader to follow our solution. [The engineering project 3 will probably be due around the same time; could check, but don't feel like it.]

I'm going to do either children and drugs or children and sex. Probably children and drugs, because that one will probably be easier to find a viable solution to - not a complete one, of course, but a better situation than we have now, perhaps. If anyone has any solutions, ideas, or comments, I'd love to hear them.

Or, I could do chivalry vs. equality, because that one's fun to argue, but it doesn't really make me angry - it's just fun to argue. So yeah, doing children and drugs. Comments, ideas, anything - please.

I need to go study for my calc test. *sigh* I'd really, really like to get at least a 70 - but I don't think it'll happen. But a 70 would be helpful - or, at least, less harmful.

"/die" But at least, after today, the rest of the week shouldn't be too horrible. (But the first half of the week of Thanksgiving should be killer!)
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So, not only did my presentation go pretty well (other than the fact that I left my prof confused on a few points, which means -points for me :(), MY CALC TEST WASN'T NEARLY AS BAD AS I FEARED!!! :D:D!!!!!

So yeah. I got there ~45 minutes early, spent ~20 minutes looking over what I need to know (and note that I've done none of the homework and even skipped one of the quizzes, plus walked out of the review session early today) and the rest of the time pacing. Looking over the stuff sure as hell helped a lot. x_x I spent 10 or so minutes on one of the problems for which I looked over the method, though, because I forgot to divide by area (that's what you get for cramming).. but I eventually got it, so that was good. It's a good thing the prof didn't put a tricky answer on there.. such as 8/3.. because he assumed we'd know that the centroid of a figure couldn't be outside the figure (the figure ended at 2).. *phew* Cuz I wouldda put that. XP

The last problem (#9, worth 15 points) wasn't worth the effort.. and I know that I didn't get full credit, because even assuming I did the rest of it right, I put as the point that the graph crosses the origin the [parametric] point (0, [arccos(-1/3)]/2)... and I'm pretty sure arccos runs from 0 to pi. XP [Yeah, I didn't check over my test at all.. even though I still had 15 minutes.] But, I think I did pretty well, especially relative to how I think I did. I probably still made a ton of stupid mistakes, but at least it won't be down in the 70s or lower, I think. :D That makes me very happy.

And I managed to stop in and get food ~5 minutes before Newcomb closed. :D Go me! :D

So now all that's left is the group project in ~20 minutes, then I have to write a page about the group project on my own (bashing my partners, damn them >(), and I'd like to write my VCU essay as well, since I started it before I left last week. And that's all for tonight, I'm thinking. :)

No fourth hour tomorrow for calc.. meaning I get to sleep in. :)

edit: Apparently, I already posted about fourth hour. Oh well; it's worth reiterating. Sleep! :D

moredit: Didn't take too long to do the ENGR project - and my partners showed up late again. Gonna print that out, type up my one page, and that's all I need to do tonight for school. Then I have 3 lab-related things this week, and I think that's all I have to do. :)
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