October 18th, 2004


You are the antidote that gets me by

This week:

  • Chem test on Wednesday that I'm not going to do even remotely well on.
  • Calc quiz tomorrow on all new stuff that I don't know and haven't done the homework for yet (but need to, if I want to do well with this material on the quiz and, later, on the test). Today, however, was just parametrics, so not only was it old material, it was also very easy, so I got a good chunk of reading done.
  • For STS, I have to finish transcribing my interview, do a bit of research, write my paper, and make my presentation. Oh, and I have to do reviews of three pieces of writing for Wednesday.
  • In CS, I have to finish up one homework, do another, and do the lab.

    I also have to do work with Bobby, and write my essay for the VCU application. The essay is all I have left, other than getting a transcript from UVA.

    But then I get to go home on Thursday. I have three days to do a lot of work, but then I can go home.

    edit: Oh, and I have to do my ENGR lab too.

    So you want to become an IEEE author.
  • Sano


    Having very much difficulty with the CS homework; will put that off until Wednesday, when I'll go talk to Professor Bloomfield about it and hope that I can do it.

    Guess I'll go work on other stuff now. dakjflajfoaewmnoicnaoisndfoiaenwf GRAH SO STRESSED! >_<

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