October 5th, 2004


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....that was a long movie....

No way I'm going to get up at 7. I'll get up at 8, go take my quiz, then come back and sleep more if I'm tired or just go ahead and take a shower and stuff. But I'm not getting up at 7. I wants my sleep.

edit: Whoa. One month till Nekocon. Didn't realize it was that close. ...I wonder where our rooms will be...

I don't really care how far I have to walk to get to Neko anymore, though. The room will be good no matter where it is.
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HAY GUYS! [calculus]

Hey, what were we actually taught to do substitution for? I can't for the life of me remember.

I think I figured out why this stuff is all taught with substitution and we weren't - college encompasses all levels of students from all levels of schools, so they have to stick to stuff that people can fall back to every time. However, Godwin was in the upper level of schools, so we were taught to just look at problems and know what to do.

I /think/ I got full credit for the quiz today, but I'm not sure of this one. It went a lot better once I realized I had to divide (3w-1)/(w-2) before taking the integral. >.> I was beginning to freak a bit.

But everything he lacks, Well, he makes up in denial

The STS presentation + handout due tomorrow about a tool in our field isn't actually being assigned a grade.. so we had a little bit of fun. :D If you wanna check it out (and I suggest that you do, cuz it's funny XP), you can download everything here:

Presentation (Download the Powerpoint viewer here if you need it.)
Handout (Word document.)

Did my chem prelab (except for one calculation because I didn't have a periodic table on me) while hanging out with Bobby at the library, then helped him a little with stats.

I wanna see a shirt that says, instead of "Chaps: Ralph Lauren," "Chaps: Gay Porn."

edit: Oh, and since I'm sure you all care, I woke up ~8:10, went to take my quiz, then came back, woke up ~12:10, and went to my other class. :P

moredit: Oh, and I had to get a little video tape thingie for STS.. which ended up being 13.99+tax. >_< Of course, getting reimbursed from teammates (2/3) and the rest is covered by parents, but that still sucks.
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Movie time!

If you wanna come see The Forgotten at Short Pump at 11:55 AM on Saturday the 9 of October with me and my cousins, you're most definitely invited! Come, have fun, see a good movie!


So I was just outside on the phone for an hour and three quarters, an hour and a half of which was with one particular person. :) It's hard to type with these frozen fingers.

"Other than the connotations of the sticky."
"That was one of our vocab words."
"What, sticky?"
"No, connotation."

"Call to order."
"Put down the phone!"
"I'm on the phone with you, smartass."

I am officially Tardboy. Always fear, Tardy's here!

Going to sleep. So tired. Need sleep....
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