October 4th, 2004


'Cause I'm all alone. There's no one here beside me.

"ABC's of higher education"

I don't know about you, but I don't particularly trust people who don't know how to use an apostrophe to teach me about higher education.

So, I'm back at school. Probably going to read a bit before going to classes. Decided that I might as well read things that I'll enjoy if I'm not going to do my schoolwork anyway.

Tenshi - When you come up, if you really want the college experience of going to classes, you can take my notes for me. ;) That way, you'll get a real taste of college, and I'll have notes that I can actually read.
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There was a time when I was all alone, Waiting for someone I could call my own;

I closed my eyes and dreamt you up one day

Looking forward to this long weekend. And looking forward to Nekocon. And not very much in between, thus far.

I got a 100 (or up to a 102, I think) on my CS test. -shrug- Pretty easy.

Got the paper done pretty quickly for ENGR. Need to do my STS paper and presentation this week sometime. Don't want to, though.

Gonna go hang out with Bobby ~11:00 till ~12:30 tonight. -shrug-

Don't have anything planned for Monday yet. But trying to work something cool out with Tenshi. Not sure what yet.

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[20:57] JimBob4554: at least with chem, i dont have to do homework.
[20:57] JimBob4554: or, its not turned in, anyway.
[20:57] JimBob4554: lol
[20:57] JimBob4554: same thing, it turns out.