October 3rd, 2004



JimBob4554: Thinking of driving out to Raleigh on Tuesday to see a play that Leah's in.
JimBob4554: :D
JimBob4554: I'm coal.
JimBob4554: XP
tenshi en grey: wow, that'd be pretty awesome
JimBob4554: But I'd have to make Mom drive me out Monday.. then get me Tuesday.. then drive me back Wednesday. (to/from UVA)
JimBob4554: Which is sad.
JimBob4554: I wish I had my own car there. *sigh*

edit: Well shit. E-school is giving out free planners. And here I bought my own (with my mom's own money!). =/ Damn.

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Me: I don't bang them..
Leah: *laughter*
Me: ..the keys..
Leah: *more laughter*

edit: Soap doesn't taste good. *washes mouth out with truffles*

The night.

Shark Tale is a really good, really funny movie.

Had fun watching Pat not get any work done on her dress, then went to dinner with Sparks. Apparently, Glory Days is going straight to shit - they're losing bussers like mad, and they lost a manager as well.

I'm looking forward to next weekend. Very much so. I don't want to leave..

Oh, and it's funny - I was talking to Jeff (other Jeff), and he went to a college away from Richmond (and had a girlfriend back in Richmond) and hated it there first year. Transfered back to VCU. It was uncanny how much he said that fit.
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