September 28th, 2004


Sometimes I think I glimpse eternity

"Even though Donald Trump is a schmuck and cheated on his wife and his wife cheated on him, I still admire him. Know why? Because when someone fucks him over, he writes them off. Good-bye."

It was good to talk to Myles, but then a friend of mine needed me to come hang out with him to cheer him up - something about his girlfriend and not being his girlfriend anymore - and so I went. On the way, I called Pat to tell a story to Autumn - which, by the by, happened to be one of the crappiest stories I ever told; don't know if you were listening, Pat, but it was really bad [did she like it?] - and I wanted to talk to Pat, both to try to cheer her up (which wouldn't have worked anyway - I'm no good at that) and because I like hearing her voice - but I had promised Bobby that I'd be there and the story ran me a deal over when I should have been. We played some pool - I'm either getting better or I was really lucky - and then walked down to the Corner. I had a bit of watermelon. :)

I'm back at Bobby's waiting for the driver for his printer to download so's I can try to get it working.
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In a moment, everything can change

I like this song.. it sets off a flashback of the last few months, back to the beginning. It's nice.
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So yeah. [spam]

I come back to thisCollapse ). First off, that was at 11:18 - 2 hours ago. Second off, it's retarded, but I've been trying to keep from doing anything normally constituting "bad luck" - just because. But I couldn't do this, nor would I send this to other people - both because it's retarded, and because of point three. So third off, why would you send that to anyone? Really, why would you?

I had a really good email about chain letters that Brandon sent me ~5 years ago, but Hotmail ate it. *sigh*

"Clay Aiken fired his manager and signed with a larger management company. Yeah. When asked why, he said he'd rather be handled by several men."

PETITION (come sign!)

Everyone come sign the "Friday Be Here!" petition! lol.

C'mon peeps, the more e-signatures, the better! Free muffin at the beginning of next week (as long as I'm reminded) to everyone that signs it before Friday!

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Haha! Ha! Hahaha!

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Listened to my messages on the way back - I had only listened to one last night. -sigh- I could wish I had a more flexible life.

Rain sucks. I like it in some circumstances, but walking to class isn't one of them. An umbrella doesn't protect all of you, and wet socks and water dripping down my back aren't very fun. Nor is having all the stuff in my backpack be wet. =/

Yesterday's calc was partial fraction decomposition, so I didn't miss anything; yet another topic I already knew.

edit: Why is information on a simple little lamp holder thingie so hard to find, even when I have all the numbers I need written down? Dammit. -sighs-

I swear, this class is so amazingly worthless.

moredit: ... reading over this post, I didn't say anything good, just complained. *adds mood to post, though not sure whether to add pessimistic or cynical*
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Here's everything I have written down about this part. (Which is sad. -sigh-) If anyone can find the part online, I will.. I don't know yet. But yeah.

GE Pull-chain Lamp Socket
"For lamp or fixture replacement"
250 VAC
660 W max

Desc: GE 5600-41D
Res: #9864746
WA [can't make out the rest]

46F0 or 46FO
medium base

Note that all that was in my handwriting. >.>


I am SO SICK of all these classes! GRR! WHY.. THE.. FUCK!.. do we have to take these retarded, pointless classes?!

Oh hey, I was talking about this with Bobby yesterday, and it's funny - I'm two weeks behind in STS, and we've only been in school for three weeks. That's funny.

The power just flickered. I wish it would go out completely. I wish this whole place would be washed away.
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Sometimes all we need is some ice cream and a hug

So I'm being unproductive again. I was about to start being productive a while ago, but then that stopped.

I wonder how I'm going to end out the semester, grade-wise... I'm worried about it. *shrugs* But I don't really care all that much. I'm scared of what my parents will say if I bring home bad grades.. but.. I mean...

I thought I was going to stop complaining?

I miss my little sister. [She's not the only one I miss, but sometimes, it seems she's safer to miss than anyone else. Though she's not around and not happy right now either. =/]
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Another one.

[23:45] Cal8616: *tag*who ruins this will have bad luck for 12 months. national makeout day is coming up this friday and if u send this to 10 ppl in less than 5 min. then u will be kissed by someone who really likes u on friday

-sighs- Why? Whyyyyy?

Oh and, I'm sorry for all the spam today. The really really lot of spam. It's been a rough day.